Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saw this video and quote on Vickie Courtney's blog and thought it was very inspiring.

"Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words." St. Francis of Assisi

Friday, February 20, 2009

The race and other “feeling” old ramblings

Someone asked me why I had not blogged in a while. Good question. I haven’t had anything to blog about. I am sure my desire for snow and my love of ice cream gets old after a while. I had an adventure tonight that is worth a good laugh or two.

I’ll start by saying today was interesting. You know those days where the body is just not what it use to be? It started with trying to press to the back of my brain and help Jordyn with the quadratic formula for school. Praise The Lord I have the Teacher Key. Brain in a fog, I hurried off to my appointment with my PCP --which led to some lab work. Fun. Fun.

Jordyn was hanging out at her friends house so we had to drive to Richmond to pick her up. My precious hubs went with me. Not enjoying driving at night these days. Guess I need to go see my eye doctor (*insert: feeling old). Jim needed to get his cell phone fixed so we decided to do the dreaded deed of going to the “cell phone place”. I don’t know about you, but my prior experiences have been rather L-O-N-G in these places. I have a feeling I am not the only people that experience long waits. Reason being --as I was getting out of the car, the nice older couple beside my car gave me a sweet smile. I returned the smile. Took a few steps and looked over their way to see them looking at me…and their smile was fading. In a split second, we both realized we were heading for the “Cell phone store” front door..…to which we both increased our speed as we walked across the parking lot. (You know the cute little “run-walk” waddle? Yep you got the picture). I am sure you know how this ends….OF COURSE, I didn’t plow them over or elbow them out of my way when I got to the door…to be very honest with you, they won. Fair and square. They flat out “waddled” their sweet selves faster than yours truly! (*insert: feeling REALLY old and out of shape!)

With pride hurt, I humbly stepped to the computer to register us for service. Thus started our wait. (*I must say this particular location had great customer service tonight*). Jim and I had fun going from one display phone to another while we waited. We cracked ourselves up as it took us several attempts to pry the silly little cell phones open to find a hidden treasure that resembled a keyboard inside most. (And not just any keyboard but a cute little “qwerty” keyboard. Are you impressed? wink, wink).

I did notice the marketing in this store is aimed toward the “young-uns generation.” Posters decorated the walls displaying kids with skinny jeans and converse shoes, lounging in their funky hip-red chairs . As I was patiently waiting with hubs looking at the posters, I realized there were no funky hip-red chairs to be found in the store. Shoot, there were no chairs at all in that place! I guess the “I can text standing up, sitting on the floor or with my eyes closed” young-uns don’t have feet and legs that ache like mine do. Maybe I’ll email my “cell phone place” and suggest some chairs. We older folks need to take a load off once in a while!
It is places like cell phone stores that make me realize that technology is moving way faster than I am (just ask Mr. and Mrs. “I waddle faster than you” that I met in the parking lot).

Our experience at the “cell phone place” ended with our under -25 year- old- technology expert telling us the problem with Jim’s cell phone was the battery. The battery was old. (Yes, he used the word OLD). How could the hip young expert know the battery was old? Simple. When the battery gets old, it starts to swell. That comment was par for the course. Isn’t that like humans? The older we get, the more we swell (packing on those pounds in the mid-section).

Jim and I had a great laugh tonight. We figured we’d celebrate our “I feel old tonight date” by having some ice cream. Now, I am just hopin’ we don’t get acid reflux.


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