Thursday, July 19, 2007

Original or Copy?

Here is a recent "blurb" I wrote for the Women's Ministry Newsletter at my church (CCF!!!):

You were born an original. Don't die a copy. ~John Mason

How about that! You were born an original. That saying touched me when I read it. Especially after arriving home from The Women of Faith Conference (Washington, DC)and hearing such wonderful testimonies and speakers. I found myself saying, "I'd love to be like so and so", or "Did you see her shoes?" or "I wish I could share like sister so and so". Then The Lord reminded me, I am an original. He has made me and you for "such a time as this".

We women were reminded in DC that we all have a ministry. Whether you attended the conference with us or not, take heart you, too, have a ministry. Okay, so our ministry may not be standing in front of 16,000 women, but our personal ministry is just as important and we can impact lives too. Maybe your ministry is staying home and taking care of your children (which by the way, no matter how you feel at times, they are a gift from God). Maybe you are to minister to your husband who is lost. Maybe going to work and sharing Jesus with your co-workers every day is your ministry. Maybe it is ministering at the nursing home. The Jail. To your neighbors. Whatever it is....we all are here to minister in the name of Jesus.

I challenge each of you to embrace the ministry The Lord has for you (no matter how insignificant you feel it is!).

I'll leave you with the words of Patsy Clairmont, "Live lively, love lavishly and forgive frequently!"


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