Sunday, July 03, 2011

This is how we grow

For years I have had a deep desire to move.  I would love to live "out" on some land.  Complete privacy. No neighbors. The simple life.  Old Farmhouse.   John Deer tractor to cut the grass.  Simply, rustic cottage decor.  Ahhhh..... Let me pop back to reality because the simple fact is that I live in the city.  Always have.  And the way it looks, probably always will. 

My dream of country living has always given Jim a good (hearty) laugh.  For some reason, as if to say I remind him of Eva Gardner, he hums the Green Acres theme when I start my country living rants. (Just maybe the fact that 'I get allergic smelling hay' and that I own a Yorkie add to his laughter?)

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I am glad I can provide him a chuckle every now and then. After twenty one years together, he knows his little city gal who dreams of living in the country looks through rose colored lenses (often).  This year the rose colored lenses had me dreaming of planting my own garden. After announcing  I wanted a garden this year and then "mentioning it"  each day, ten times a day...he finally gave in.  (It also helped my case when I won a super-sweet gardening set complete with seeds. Can we say "Godwink"?  wink wink.)  So, my man  decided we would give it a "go".  He helped me square off a little section of the land and he helped me to plant away. 

I am not sure who has had more fun this summer watering, weeding and waiting for our 'little' garden to grow. Each day we are like two little kids running out to check the overnight growth.  (This is the part that makes ME laugh because my man grew up in the country and his parents always had a humongous garden).

We both got a good laugh yesterday when I told Jim our garden is like the Duggars.  19 tomatoaes and counting.....

Yeah, I even planted two tomato plants in a pot just in case the garden failed.....

This is my own little sanctuary area.  My favorite place to take my coffee and Bible every morning. 

Our little guard dog helps keep the squirrels from invading our garden.

Well, my man and I may have underestimated our garden's growth this year but never fear--we are in talks about our expansion for next year's garden.   All in all, I think we make a great team.  And who knows, maybe next year my John Deer tractor could be a reality....

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