Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fear Factor

No, not the TV show (not a fan of that show....ewww!)   The thing that holds me back way too often. The thing that can unexpectedly paralyzes me out of the blue.   The thing that is mentioned  to "do not" 365 times in the Bible (one for each day).  The thing I hate, hate, hate.

The thing?


I stumbled across a precious blog last week called Unveiled Wife.  I love how the blog's goal is to encourage wives in their marriage while always pointing us to Christ.  There are many neat things on the blog from "Surprise Date Night" Challenges to prayers.

Ten years ago, I went through a horrible battle with panic attacks.  Unless you have ever experienced one, you have no idea how horrible they are.   In an effort to keep this short,  The Lord delivered from that time in my life.  I  will be honest and admit there are still times when fear, "what if...", or worse case scenarios rear their ugly head and try hinder me.  It is only through God's faithfulness to me, His Word and much prayer that I can walk in victory from fear when it shows up uninvited to visit me.

 Sunday's post on Unveiled Wife's blog was a prayer that spoke to my heart.  I have decided to print it and tape it in my prayer journal because I want this to be my prayer for 2012.  

We run to you today!  We lift up all of our fears and ask that you help us not to be afraid anymore.  Help us to trust you more with our lives, with our families, with our finances, with our everything.  Sometimes worry will cause so much stress we become paralyzed, fear cripples our ability to thrive, and our joy is stolen from us.  Please help us to be stronger.  Fill us with confidence and an unwavering faith.  No matter what may come our way, no matter what the unknown holds for us, please help us to remain confident in you!  May we not only overcome fears, but encourage others to overcome theirs, and that we testify that because of you we no longer fear.  Thank you for being our strength, our provider, our everything!  We love you Lord! AMEN

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