Monday, April 16, 2012

Elmo Palooza

What could make me come out of my three month blog-hiatus?  Yep!  A post about my grand-daughter, Jaelynn (also known as Mimi's Pepita)

I simply can not fathom that this little girl turned two years old last week!  (in case you missed previous posts, she was born with  Heterotaxy Syndrome  and is our little miracle grandbaby.) 

Friday afternoon, Jim and I picked-up Jordyn at college and headed west to  Tennessee for the weekend to be at the big 'ol Elmo palooza.  (by the way: My husband is just as smitten with these precious girls as Mimi is--if you don't believe me I'll just say that Mario Andretti 'ain't got nuthin' on him behind the wheel.  He had the petal to the metal and was crusing at 80mph on this 10 hour (one way) trip.  So, yeah, we basically spent 20 hours in the car this weekend and 6 hours at the party---but it was WORTH every moment!!  

If you have an Elmo phobia, you may not want to scroll through these pictures.  You've been warned:

(photo credit:  Jordyn Burton

Me and my girls!  Jim and Josh (son-in-law) too!  How we got the guys to wear these shirts, I will never know!

Precious baby Zoey.  She's 4 months now.  (Mimi needs a nickname for her........)

Mimi and Zoey

My two beautiful girls Jordyn and Amanda---doing what they do best, laughing at their mom!

Jaelynn thought we were silly in these hats.

Me, Amanda and her two beautiful girls

Zoey looks just like her big sister did at this age. 

Miss Jaelynn had some blingy shoes for her special day!

Who knows what we were doing----you get me and Amanda together and it  is pure sillyness

I love this shot that Jo captured

My Mimi heart was about to explode with happyness. 

Thank you, Lord for my precious family.  My cup (and heart) runneth over. 

Bless the LordO my soul: and let all that is within me bless His holy name.

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