Friday, September 04, 2009

Catchy 80's tunes

It seems my hubby updated his blog last night and thus inspired me to update my blog as well. (Okay, know me well. You know I can't let him get one up on me!!). Be sure to check out his blog entry "Catching Up"

As I was typing this update, the popular insurance commercial was on TV. You know the commercial that plays an old 80's tune while small eye balls appear to be watching unsuspecting people. The tune seems to ALWAYS get stuck in my head......'I always feel like somebody'swatching meeeeee'. So true are the lyrics. Someone is always watching me....not just someone but SOMEONE! Proverbs 15:3 that says, "The LORD is watching everywhere, keeping his eye on both the evil and the good." It is re-assuring to know that The Lord is watching me. I pray that what He sees will not be a disappointment to Him but may He find me faithful about His work. My heart echos the line of a well known gospel song -- "May the story of my life be worship in Your eyes!

I'll leave you with some pictures of happenings from The Burtons Summer 09:

Jordyn at the Jonas Bros. Concert in Washington DC
My daughter (Amanda) and my son-in-law (Josh)
Our church picnic--I was a bit excited about the Adult vs. Youth 4-square game
Me, mom and dad!
OBX Vacation 09
Jordyn and Pop
This needs no explanation
Jim and Pop steaming some crabs during vacation at OBX. Yum!
The gang at OBX
Mom's famous 4th of July Cake (just for Jim)
Again---no explanation needed.


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