Meet Us

One of the things I love to talk about is my precious family.  If you get us all together in the same room it is guaranteed to be LOUD.  Much laughter is guaranteed too!  Since my blog is normally centered around my family, I'll post a link under each picture in case you want to get to know them a wee bit better!

Allow me to introduce my family to you:

The one who makes me laugh like no other. My best friend, Jim

My first born, Amanda:

Our baby girl, Jordyn:

Our little miracle grand-baby, Jaelynn:

Jaelynn was born in April 2010.  She has heterotaxy syndrome.   The doctors expected Jaelynn to need immediate heart surgery when she was born and they expected other complications too.   As you can see from her picture, The Lord heard the prayers of many and no heart surgery was needed.  She has had no complications from the heterotaxy and is a very healthy and happy little girl!

My newest grand-daughter, Zoey

My amazing parents:

 My maiden name is not Duggar but my dad is one of 17 children.  Read more here at this link. and  here's more about my parents.

My precious brother and sissy-in-law

Click here for more on Ryan and Holly


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