Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report from Camp

Camp Mimi was a huge hit!  (Well, at least I thought so!).  We were delighted to see our little grand-baby and her parents this week.  Here are a few shots my youngest daughter took while they were here:

Yep...she's wondering what is inside Mommy's tummy?  We'll find out in 6 months.......

My heart could not have been more full spending precious moments with my grand daughter for a few days.  Here are a few of my shots (unprofessional at best) from our week: 
(I had no time to fix my hair this day!  how do you mommies do it all???? )

Of course, we had ice cream at Camp Mimi

Poor gal, we took lots of pictures this week.  She was super patient.

Well, we took so many pictures she was "over it" by mid-week.

I sure am sorry to see my little precious leave town, but I know we will see her again soon!!  I had a blast but now this Mimi needs a NAP!

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(btw--I am still waiting on my results from my state interpreting testing.  Thanks to you all who have asked and prayed.  I won't know anything for a few months.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camp Mimi

My to-do list this week looks something like this:

Monday - Toddler proof my house (and get some rest while I can) 
Tuesday - Toddler proof my house (and get some rest while I can) 
Wednesday -Toddler proof my house (and get some rest while I can) 
Thursday - Toddler proof my house (and get some rest while I can) 
Friday - Toddler proof my house (and get some rest while I can), text Amanda to see how close to home they are.  Get the camera ready.  Check the clock.  Text Amanda again. Check the clock again. Text Amanda.  Toddler proof my house.  (get some rest while I can  ah, heck...forget resting!  I'm like a kid at Christmas!!) 

Yep--after a long seven months (SEVEN MONTHS!) it is time for me to be reunited with this little piece of preciousness (my grand-baby!!)

Poor baby took a tumble and has a boo-boo on her nose

You can bet your bottom dollar I'll post some pictures next week (when I find time)!  And for all you mommies of little-ones...I'll be praying for you. 

Oh, by the way - have you heard this new, amazing song by Natalie Grant?  Love it!!

Have been away from my Company Girls the past few weeks.  It is so good to reconnect with these amazing ladies today!!  (*love to you all and you have been in my prayers even though I have not been around blogville recently!!*)

Have a great weekend! I'm going back to try to get "Camp Mimi" ready to open it's doors!

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