My Purple Pinky

Why I paint my pinky purple?

Blog: Purple Pinky Prayer Partners

P4 started by accident one Saturday night in 2008 when I randomly picked up my daughter's polish and painted my pinky nail purple (my favorite color). When I arrived at church the next day I realized I had not taken the polish off. As I was about to scrape the polish off my fingernail, I realized it was not an accident at all. I believe The Lord wanted the purple nail to serve as a visual reminder to me and the women at my church (CCF) to pray for one of our sisters-in-Christ, Jennifer Davis Langston, who had been diagnosed with cancer. (Jenny was a very young, beautiful woman who just happened to love the color purple too!!)

What started as prayer support for Jennifer has continued to this day as a visual reminder to pray for women who are hurting and have needs. (In addition, a "purple pinky" is a great conversation starter!!).  My prayer is that you will have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus and His free gift of salvation to all, as well as, the power of prayer when someone stops and asks you about your "purple pinky".

So, grab some purple polish and join me!

I believe it is a privilege to approach the throne of the Lord boldly and intercede for one another.  Please feel free to share your prayer requests me and I will join you in praying.

Please email your requests to:

(My grand daughter, Jaelynn, grabbing my purple pinky.  This picture is priceless to me!)


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