Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pass the tissues please!

Sniff, sniff. Excuse me for a moment as I wipe the black mascara streaks from my face. Okay, there! Done! Enough word drama. I realized this afternoon that this is a week of "lasts". It all started this morning. Seven months and 30 lessons later,I went to my "last" Community Bible Study. (Sniff) I realized saying goodbye to my CBS 'buds' until the fall was just begining my "lasts". As I diligently worked (I was a bit behind this week) on my "last" days of homework for Beth Moore's Believing God study...I realized...tomorrow night is my "last" Friday Night Live Women's Bible Study until the fall. (More sniffs). In the process of working on my Believing God homework, I realized I needed to get ready to study and prepare for my "last" Sunday of teaching through the book of Joshua to the best adult Sunday School class ever. (BIG Sniffs). Excuse me for a second, sniff sniff, blowing nose. Okay, I'm back. So now I ask, what on earth will I do next week? Maybe I should think about Bible Study-aholics Anonymous? No way! Better yet, I think I need to type the "last" sentence of this blog and go search for a new Bible Study for the summer!

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DeDe said...

Becky - I saw your post on Beth Moore's sight, thought I'd stop by and say Hi. My name is DeDe and I live in Northern Oregon (and yes, it rained today)I too work with the ladies at our church. I lead 2 studies - which they too are done for the season. My plate is STILL full. I am teaching a 9 week class which begins next month, called "Personal Bible Study". One of my passions - studing God's word.

It is refreshing to connect with a gal who loves God and His word as I do. I enjoyed your sight, and added it to my favorites. You can find me at

keep pursuing Jesus!

In Him, DeDe


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