Friday, September 26, 2008

It is a MUST See

Outstanding! Kudos to all involved with the movie, Fireproof. I had the opportunity and privilege to go on a "family" date to see the movie this afternoon and I was moved and inspired. The comic relief in the movie while paralleling the differences between men and women is precious and had the entire theater laughing regularly through out the two hour movie. More importantly, Fireproof does a fantastic job of tackling some serious real life issues that daily challenge marriages in our society. Yet, at the same time we are reminded that marriage is a covenant (before God..for better or worse, for richer or poor until death do we part) - not a mere contract. Though many are on the brink of divorce all around us, this movie clearly reminds us all that there is always hope no matter how desperate you think your marriage may be.

Bravo and much thanks to the writers, producers, actors and volunteers who put their efforts and resources into this movie. The gospel of hope through Jesus Christ is clearly stated. In a day and age where Hollywood bombards us with trash in the theaters, this movie is a light in a dark industry. I encourage everyone (married or single) to support the Christian efforts of Fireproof by going to see this movie.


Welcome said...

I totally agree Becky! Neil and I went to see if with the evangelism group. I was such a well made movie. I hope it does very well so we will get more movies worth seeing. Hope you guys are doing well.



Anonymous said...

and finish the night off with some maggie moos

liz said...

I guess I will have to go see this movie!


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