Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fire Extinguisher – Hubby say WHAT?

I feel the need to preface this blog. You see, I tend to be a tad bit on the HM side (high maintenance). I am the gal who loves the fact that the 80’s glam rock hair styles are coming back in style (they ARE coming back, right?). I love me some hair products, teasing combs, hair spays, etc. Like Beth Moore once said, “I can love Jesus and lipstick!”. Amen Beth!

Anyway, Friday we were preparing to head out of town to Maryland to participate in a missions conference. All was packed and we were just seconds from walking out the door when the following conversation took place:

Becky: Hey! What’s this doing sitting on the piano? (referring to my favorite hair product: super-duper root pump spray). I packed this in my bag already! (priorities, right ladies?)

Jim: I took it out.

Becky (gasp): You did WHAT? Why would you do THAT?

Jim: Do you really NEED that stuff?

Becky (eyeballs rolling, neck craned): NEED?

Jim: Yeah, you don’t need that stuff, do ya?

Becky (feeling her blood pressure rise): Yes, I NEED it!!!

Jim (examine the product in question): Well, it’s the size of a fire extinguisher!!!!!

My man has a point!


April said...

lol! too funny. I have the same stuff and Jason could not get over the size of it either.

liz said...

Now that is just hilarious. I don't have time to be high maintenance but if I was I would carry around a fire extinguisher too.


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