Friday, December 12, 2008

Lazy Girls

I love to bake. Yes! I love to bake. (side note: I hate to cook. HATE. To. Cook.) Though I have a four pound bag of chocolate chips chillin' around the house, I have not started my holiday baking. Time is ticking. Just call me a slug.

Last night I had a craving. You know the type that hits you about 10:30pm. Insatiable urge to stuff your face with chocolate anythings?

It was too late to bake but I knew Mr. four pound bag was calling my name. Hmm..what to do with the chips at 10:30pm. After staring blankly into my cabinet for about 5 minutes my eyes spotted a box of Ritz crackers. I had some salty and sweet right at my fingertips. Then suddenly out of no where, deep from within my baker's heart...a master piece creation was born. My creativity amused me (note sarcasm here) and thus another Beckums creation burst forth in my kitchen, "Lazy Girls"

Ritz crackers, sprinkled with chocolate chips. Pop into the microwave for about 30 seconds and top with a pecan. Voila! Instant gourmet "Lazy Girls".


Evangelism Family said...


A friend also told me that she does this:

2 Ritz crackers with peanut butter in between them

melt choc. chips and dip them in the choc. then allow them to dry on wax paper..

I have not tried it yet but it sounds wonderful!!

It was great seeing you on Saturday night and please let me know anytime you need help with interpreting :) I love getting the practice and fellowship!

luv ya


liz said...

Now that is what I call ingenious!


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