Friday, June 05, 2009

It's time to FEAST!

How ironic that my blog title is “Feasting” and today is National Donut Day! (I hear Krispy Kreme has free donuts today!)   I personally wish I could be in Carolina Beach today munching on a Britt's Donut….but I’m not.  *sigh*.  Back to reality.....
Surprising as it may be, my post has nothing to do with feasting on donuts but it does have to do with feasting.  Feasting and choices.  Yesterday, my man and I had a nice discussion about fasting (the opposite of feasting).  I am currently reading a book by David Nasser that encourages a personal fast and I was sharing with him what I had read that day.  At the end of our conversation, Jim told me he was going to work-out and listen to a few sermons.
What he said stuck in my mind.  My mind started churning.  I was thinking of fasting.  Wondering why more Christians don’t fast?  Then my “spaghetti” brain skipped to feasting?  Why don’t we feed our spirits?  We don’t we hesitate to feed our physical bodies with donuts and other sweet things when we want but, yet, neglect our Spirit?   We feed ourselves heavy servings of the things the world offers (TV, radio, Facebook, internet games, etc.)  yet we starve ourselves spiritually or even just "skip" the "spiritual meals" by not surrounding ourselves with things that feed us.  Things of The Lord that will give us life, give us strength.  Spiritual nutrients.
I often find myself burdened for Christians who seem to want change in their life but don’t care to do anything to change their situation.   Let’s be brutally honest.  We choose to spend hours of time per DAY on Facebook playing games and taking quizzes but we don’t spend fifteen minutes a day reading The Bible or seeking The Lord, much less praying.  We spend hours each week watching American Idol (yes, I'm guilty too!) and voting for our favorite contestant, rush out and buy their latest CD, memorize the lyrics to their songs but can't recall all the words to our favorite Christian song, much less recall Bible verses.  And all the while, we have the nerve to wonder “what is wrong with our world today?”, or ask "why doesn't anything ever change in my life?".  
Maybe it isn’t a fast that some need but instead we need to start with a “Feast”.  Feast on the things of the Lord.  Surround ourselves with things that feed our spirit.  Here are just a few easy things we can do:
  •  Why not work out and listen to Christian music on our Ipod?
  • Listen to Klove (Christian music while on Facebook or checking emails.
  • Put down romance novels and replace with a good Christian book (most libraries have Christian books)
  • Replace our favorite 80’s CD with a sermon on CD while driving to work ( has a large variety of free sermons)
  • Replace Guitar Hero with Guitar Praise (   (**Just a side note if you think Christian music is boring, bubble gum pop music then be sure to check out the bands Skillet, Disciple or Kutless)
Lastly I must add another FREE resource that will help us feast (trust me, I'd say this even if I were not a PW):
  • Go to church regularly-- (unlike the races, little league games, golf, football, shopping--church is free!!). You know the command in the Bible that says "Do NOT neglect meeting together as some people do but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.  Heb. 10:24.  If you don't have a church--find one!  If you don't like your current church---go to a new one.  Just do it.
So instead of a 40 day fast, will you do a 40 day feast???  We live in the great age of technology and therefore, it is easy to feast.  There are many resources at our fingertips – many are free.   Take advantage of it!  Make the choice ----it is time to start feasting......time is short Christians!!

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