Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beck The Baker...bake! bake! bake!

That great gal over at Kelly's Korner (who is one of my new friends--though she doesn't know it! lol) want us to show you our life by sharing our favorite Christmas tradition. I have two that come to my mind.

First tradition: Salty Christmas Cracker Candy
I don't cook. Plain and simple. Don't like it and don't want to like it. However, I DO LOVE to do me some bakin'! Christmas time is one of my favorite times to put on some Christmas tunes and get in the kitchen with my 72 ounce bag of chocolate chips. One of our yearly Christmas traditions is to make "Salty Cracker Candy". Basically it is a 'poor girls' version of some of the sea salted chocolates you will find at some higher end stores.

Here is the recipe for my "Salty Christmas Cracker Candy"

1/2 pound of butter (not margarine)
1 cup of sugar
Saltine crackers
chocolate chips
nuts (optional)

Line two cookie sheets with aluminum foil. Cover the cookie sheet with crackers (in rows side by side). Bring butter and sugar to a boil. Stir continously for 3 mintues until thick and bubbly. Pour mixture over crackers and spread evenly on top of crackers. Place crackers in 350 degree oven and cook until the sugar/butter mixture bubbles to a golden brown. Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Once the chips begin to melt, spread out evenly on crackers. Add nuts if desired. Put candy in refrigerator until cool (a few hours). Break candy into chunks and enjoy!!

Second tradition: Ornaments
I give each of my girls a Christmas tree ornament that they can open on Christmas Eve. The ornament represents something that has happened, an interest or a milemarker for the past year. A car for celebrating obtaining a driver's license, a glass piano represents Jordyn's first year of piano lessons, etc.

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~M. Chase

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