Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Cup is over flowing!

You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.  Psalms 23:5

As I reflect on Christmas 09, I am filled with joy as my cup is truly overflowing tonight.  The Burtons started our Christmas celebrations with an amazing Christmas Eve watching old home movies with my parent and brother.  It was literally like watching a personalized version of "It's Wonderful Life".   Yes, my cup runneth over.  Not because I unwrapped some amazing, long awaited gift today (though I got some neat stuff).  My cups run over because I was with my family today.  My husband, daughter, my parents and my in-laws.  We are alive. (Even my precious MIL who we thought might not make it out of the hospital a few weeks ago was home today to celebrate the birth of Jesus with her family.)  My cup runs over not because we had snow on the ground in VA today.  Because my daughter Amanda is happily married to a great man and spent Christmas with his family in snowy Colorado.  Her belly is bulging with baby Jaylynn who will make her grand appearence in April.   Yes, my cup runs over because my family has MORE than enough food on the table, we have a roof over our heads, my loved ones have jobs and we were together.  Thank you Jesus for another amazing Christmas.  My cup runs over because of Jesus--He came to earth as a babe to ultimately die for me (and for you) so that we could have eternal life.  That is enough to say:  My cup runneth over indeed!

Me and My Man on Christmas Eve

Me and Ryan (my baby brother)

My Tilli

MeMaw and PePaw Burton with Jordyn and Jim on Christmas Day

Me and Pop (my dad)

Me and my mommy!!

Ryan and his "babe", Holly!  (Holly and Jesus have the same birthday!!)

My goal for 2010 is to read the Bible all the way through!  (Hold me accountable, okay??)

I love this man!!

Merry Christmas my friends!

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