Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Zebra Turtle-neck Mamas

Happy New Year!  Hope the New Year finds you back in the swing of things and possibly getting organized, working out, clipping coupons to save money, eating healthy and all those other "New Year resolution" related things.

Just a quick post to share a picture of Amanda and her husband, Josh.  This picture is from Christmas Day. She is 5 months pregnant with baby Jaelynn.  I think she looks so cute!  And check out that turtle neck she is wearing!  Like mother, like daughter.

She is most definitely my child.  She was in Colorado and I was in Virginia.  Little did we know that we were Zebra Turtle-neck Wearing Mamas at the same time.  Never in a million years could I have convinced her to dress like me when she lived at home.  Never!  So, does this count as another Christmas miracle?

(me and my mom doing our yearly duet on Christmas Eve--singing into candle sticks.  I think I need to buy my mom a zebra turtle-neck!!)

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