Thursday, March 11, 2010

That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Today is Thankful Thursday (go here to read about Thankful Thursdays).  It started off good...but quickly crumbled.

I am ashamed to say that food can affect my attitude.  Tonight's dinner left me in a big grouch.  I had a craving for some BBQ chicken for dinner but I had to do something with the left over veggies from Amanda's shower, so I decided to make stir fry for dinner. I should have known Thankful Thursday was about to head south when I decided to just "wing it" on the stir fry. A "little of this" and a "little that" doesn't work for me. Plain and simple--I always need a recipe when cooking anything!  Din-din tonight was down right--gross!  It was mushy.  Yuck!

I had no more put the last bit of mush stir-fry in my mouth when Jim and Jordyn headed for the Girl Scout cookies and milk.  (Let me just insert that my inquiring mind wants to know two things: 1) why are these cookies only available once per year...twice would be nice and 2) why on earth do they always surface during Lent?) 

I am not sure what happened in the next few seconds but something went awry.  I was struck with fear that Jim and JoJo would eat all the cookies (mind you we had three boxes) and I'd be left with an empty box.  The thought of an empty box of Girl Scout cookies sent fear through my body and sent me into a tail spin.  In order to snag myself some cookies,  I quickly scooted over to the zippies (Beckism for Ziplock baggies), knocked Jim out the way with one swift hip movement and exclaimed like a mad woman "MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT BUDDY!"

Uh-oh!  Thankful Thursday?? More like "Thankless Thursday".

If I had only heeded the advice from the verse I read this afternoon and let the Lord fill my mouth:

I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt.  Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. Psalms 81:10

Let me try again: Thankful Thursdays take two--- I am "thankful" that there is always next week for Thankful Thursday.  

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Lezlie Ellis said...

I am definitely a recipe girl as well. Actually, domestic diva is not a gift God gave me! :)


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