Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tutuville Horror and grandma fever

Your suspicions just may be confirmed about me after you read this post.  Jordyn and Jim think I have totally lost it (in more ways than one).  It started yesterday when I decided I wanted to get "crafty" again.  (This is a very, very rare thing for me.).  I made a stop at the local fabric store and purchased some tulle.  I wanted to make baby Jaelynn a tutu and hair bow.  Only 34 more days until she is due to make her grand entrance into the world.   Since my son in law loves the Boston Red Sox , I thought it would give me some MIL points if I made a Red Sox tutu/hair bow for Jaelynn.

We arrived home late last night and I decided to get the tutu made. (I am a bit OCD at times though I like to think it is pure determination.)  After the tutu and hair bow were made, Jim informed me I had a fever.  Grandma fever.

Needing a model for my completed tutu, I tried to get Tilli (our Yorkie) to enlist, however, she didn't cooperate too well. Still determined  to have a model, I remembered the Crissy doll I had upstairs in my closet.  My parents had saved this doll baby for me for years and finally gave her to me a while back. (Please write me and tell me you remember this doll.  She has a long pony tail that you can shorten by pulling a string in her back.  She was my all time favorite doll.)

Crissy was the perfect size for a "grandma-with-the-fever-making-a-tutu-at-midnight" model.  Only one small problem with Crissy.  Mom and dad stored Crissy in their attic for years.  Poor doll, her face is a little warped.

I posed Crissy in my chair with the tutu and hair bow and started flashing pictures.  At this point Jordyn thinks I have totally lost my mind and it is not due to Grandma fever!  She was in total shock at my behavior.   Not sure if it was the midnight hour but Jordyn was a wee bit freaked out by the doll. She insisted that the doll looked like Chucky (from the horror movies).   Since I am having major computer problems I needed Jordyn to upload the pictures for me on her computer and email them to me.  She did and I received her email with pics this morning. She had entitled the email:

Chucky's Revenge: The Tutuville Horror

Here are pictures of Chucky Crissy wearing Jaelynn's tutu getting ready for her starring role in "The Tutuville Horror":

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