Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still in NICU

Jaelynn is still in NICU.  The doctors have done three X-rays on her stomach but they are not getting "movement".  She will remain in NICU until they get the "movement" from her stomach they desire.  Not sure what "movement" exactly means--though I have a feeling what it means---regardless, let's pray for "movement".

(inserting randomness at this point:)  I am getting ready to go re-pack for my trip to Colorado.  Re-pack b/c I packed Saturday and I just found out it will be cooler out there than I had anticipated. Flip flops and shorts are not going to jive this time of year in CO.  Besides, Jim is making me pack light (whatever that means!).   I just read a great post from blogger Courtney.  (Click here to read)   Like I needed another reason to buy more purple clothing to match my purple pinkie! Just sayin'.    Maybe my re-packing will consist of adding a few more purple shirts to the suitcase.  Might even sport a purple scarf on the plane.......

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