Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer Adventures at Mimi's house

My Mimi has been really busy the past two weeks.  Me and my mommy are staying with Mimi for the summer. Poor Mimi has not had a chance to update her blog since I arrived.  She keeps telling me she has a brand new appreciation and love for mommies with little ones and that she needs to show more mercy and grace to them---whatever that means!   We are having loads of fun so far and here are some pics from our summer adventures:  

Mimi loves to put my bathing suits on me, take my picture and then whisk me off to Nanny Pat's pool.

(my feet are not really that big...bad camera angle Mimi!)

I spent the 4th of July weekend with Mimi, Gunk and JoJo while my mommy was at the beach.  I LOVED the fireworks.    I didn't cry until they were over---then I screamed all the way home.  I wanted to see more!

(Mimi was laughing because she said I had firework in my pants).

(Mimi and Nanny Pat doing their holiday "show".  So silly)

(I really wanted some of Mimi's milkshake---but she said no.  Maybe next year.  I'll have to stick with my Similac until then.)

I love these people too!  My JoJo and Gunky

(I LOVE Zuzu!  I think she is a big stuffed animal.  She loves me too)

Here is Mimi and her "babies".   

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