Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make 'Em Laugh

Sunday night football is on and I am parked on the couch enjoying a nice rainy night at home.  I decided to blog but could not think of a thing to say (imagine that!  Little 'ol me speechless...this could be a good one) so I though I'd put some random things out there.  This blog post is pretty much meaningless but here goes:

  • These are my NEW favorites:
The amazing little (and very yummy) juice boxes are my new little discovery.  All natural fruit and veggie juice.  No added sugar (only from the fruit) and no preservatives. (I'm on a "no" sugar kick right now---and I am sure it will last until I see a Maggie Moos or until I get up from the couch).  I feel so healthy drinking these little boxes of juice packed with beet juice and other veggie/fruit blends.  I'm serious--they are super good.  For nutritional info check out their site at Apple and Eve.  I found mine at my local Food Lion.  

  • I am reading this book:

As a parent or grandparent, you know the challenges of raising healthy, happy teenagers. Every time you turn around, pop culture—with its negative images, violent videogames, and offensive music—derails your efforts and hard work. So how can busy moms and dads protect their children from today's toxic culture?  One step at a time.  In 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, author Rebecca Hagelin lays out 30 simple and concrete actions that you can implement—one day at a time—to reconnect with your children and restore peace in your home.

 (For more, check out her web site here.)

  • I randomly thought about this game the other day:
I miss playing that with my girls!  

  • Jordyn and I watched this old musical as part of her Theater Class home work:

It makes me want to take dance lessons again. (Watching Debbie Reynolds makes me want an ibuprofen for my arthritic knees).  It may be my all time favorite musical.  Or at least my all time favorite for the week. 

  • Our women's group is getting ready to have a "Toilet Paper and P Party" (the "P" stands for pumpkin) and we are going to make these cute little pumpkins for our local nursing home residents:

  • I hope to make these Apple Nachos for the "P" party

So much for my "no sugar kick", huh?  

Picture and recipe is from Taste of Home (click here for recipe)

  • Amanda sent me this video today.   With the help of 'Singing In The Rain', this video is the inspiration of my blog post title.  This made me gush all over myself with pride.   (Be sure to turn your head sideways while watching.)

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