Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer ......

While digging through Christmas tree ornaments last night, I was reminded that I am thankful for the continuing 20 year debate my husband and I have each year at Christmas.  Each year we have a (healthy and friendly) debate about the name of one of Santa's Reindeer (we are so mature, huh?).   Jim holds firm to his belief that the reindeer is Donner, while I hold firm that his name is Donder.  We both have done research and have tried to prove our point to one another.   Neither of us will budge from our firm and differing conviction.

Years ago, I received a gift from Jim's sister that I adore.  Every year when I decorate my tree, I pull out the gift as my friendly little "Jim, I'm right" reminder.  

Of course, since I decorate the tree, Donder is perched front and center on our tree.  

I am still waiting for Jim to bring home a "Donner" ornament ........(Jim, if you are reading this--it is on baby!  You HAVE been challenged!!)  

I love my man. 

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