Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Freaky Friday (but it's only Wednesday)

I am excited! (me: jumping up and down, clapping. spirit fingers. striking the 'Elaine from Seinfeld' dance pose).  It's only Wednesday so what’s got me so fired-up? It's not the six cups of coffee I have inhaled today but the fact that  I am going to be introducing a few changes to my blog in the weeks to come.   Things like give-aways (which you'll have to check back for in a few days).   

Other things like this little tid bit of news that you don't have to wait for because it starts today.  I am adding a few voices as ‘guest writers' to my blog.   Since you know I'm all about me some family (imagine We Are Family playing in the background on Musac) then you know I couldn't be more excited  to let you know my precious daughters (Jo and Amanda) will be helping to contribute to the blog from time to time.  

Not only are they both super writers, they are very transparent, fun and each have insightful views.  They are as different as night and day but that will only add some fun over here.   I hope it will be a refreshing change to the blog that will add some more fun and flavor for you other than my 40-something world. (Now, if I can just sweet talk my man to guest write some....whatcha think honey?  smoochy, smoochy!!)

Remember the movie Freaky Friday when the mom and daughter switched places?  Well, with no further ado, let me introduce Amanda (my oldest preciousness) to you. 

Yay!  Clap. Clap, Clap. jump, jump!

Tae Bo Bonanza by Amanda G. Rivera
 As I sip on my black coffee with skim milk, and eat my fat free cottage cheese, I have to giggle at my recent weight loss “challenge” as I call it.  I, like most every human being, have been on the path of trying to come to peace with my physical appearance for years. After becoming a new stay at home mother and feeling the extra poundage (my word for the pounds that have turned to baggage around my legs and mid section) from the holiday season I have yet to embark on another weight loss journey. Growing up I had one all time favorite work out, the late 90’s phenomenon “Billy Blanks, Tae Bo.”  So in an attempt to keep up my workouts and not grow bored I invested in all sorts of Billy’s latest and greatest DVDs. 
a few from my collection
The last four weeks have consisted of me kicking, punching, squatting, and counting my way back to my skinny jeans. If you know me at all you know I tend to air on the side of excessive , when I become focused on something (right mom?). Therefore, I knew last night as I was counting in reps of eight as I was trying to fall asleep, that my relationship with Mr. Billy and his Tae Bo might be getting a little out of hand. 

Once I entered my dreamland I discovered Billy Blanks was my father!!! Ok well only in my dreams…however, he also left all of his DVD collections to ME, little ol Amanda Ashley to teach everyone the moves and love of Tae Bo! Needless to say I woke up a little amused and a little creeped out when I looked at my work out DVDs this morning. 
 Needless to say Billy and I took a brief break today and I did another workout set, however even though we are not related (by blood) I do know that we are brother and sister in Christ (and in Tae Bo).  Until next time I will leave you with a few thoughts from my favorite fitness guru: 
 “Be in control of your thought process because thoughts can determine action, and action determines consequences.” 
To this I think of my dream from last night and the consequence.  I realize as important as being fit so is God and my family.  Both should always be at the forefront of my thought process, instead of my vanity.
 In response to my last statement, another Billy quote:
Our bodies are just outer earth suits, the true you resides inside of the earth suit.” 
So as bikini season approaches each of us, remember no individual is perfect on the inside or outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as long as Jesus (and my husband of course! ) still love me just as I am (plain old Amanda), then that is enough for me. 
I encourage each of you to take a look in your internal mirror today and remember you also are, and will always be-- beautiful
 ~Amanda Rivera

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Holly said...

Yay! Great job Amanda :-) Loved your post!! Thank you for sharing!!! Love you!


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