Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Miser and Heat Miser

Thursday afternoon randomness from inside The Burton’s household:

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Jim – watching news and talking to me about world events.
Me - half listening and reading blogs

Jim saying something about:  “…not safe for American journalist …”
Me:  (still reading blogs) “oh…uh huh…really?”
Jim:  “Yeah, Anderson Cooper got hurt.”
Me:  “ANDERSON COOPER!!!??!!!”
Jim:  It’s okay hun—his face didn’t get hit. 
Me:  (really embarrassed)  Oh! (hurrying back to read blogs)

A few minutes later:

Jim: “It’s really cold in here!”
Checks thermostat

Jim:   “Good gracious Beck!  It’s 64 in here!!!  Do you have a plan?"
Me:    “huh”  (still reading blogs)
Jim :  “A plan to get rid of me. That’s right nudge me on into pneumonia and be done with me!”
Me – assuring Jim there is no plan but laughing and thinking back to a scene from earlier today (see next scene)

Earlier today:

Father-in-Law comes over for a bite to eat and a visit.
Father-in-law gets up, puts on his coat and hat.
Me:       “PePaw?  You leaving???
PePaw:  “No! I’m about to freeze!” and he proceeded to sit on 
the couch (in his coat and hat) under a blanket to finished his cup of                                             coffee and visit.

Me - (now has the song 'Snow Miser/Heat Miser' in my head) logging off to turn-up the heat a little and snuggle with my main man (that's you Jim Burton!!)

It's only appropriate that I leave you with our love theme song for the day:

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Burton house! You guys crack me up...LOVE YA!


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