Friday, May 06, 2011

Motherhood should come with.......

Here's wishing all you mommies (and spiritual moms) out there a blessed Mother's Day weekend full of celebration and enjoyment (and hopefully some much needed rest and relaxation--yes, I live in a dream world! *smile*)  I plan to take a run to Maggie Moos to do some celebrating myself. 

In addition to my Company Girls, I decided to join up with Five Minute Friday today since the topic totally made me laugh!  

So, here is my take on the topic of:

Motherhood should come with........

·         A “How to for Dummies” manual. 

·         A pay check (just saying!)

·         A big bucket to catch all the shed tears from pain when we feel like we've failed or when we can't "fix-it" for them times.

·         A do-over clause especially for the first born who I refer to as my precious little guinea pig.

·         A pause button to slow things down because it goes way to fast (it may start slow and sleepless but it increases in speed as the years go by).

·         A life time supply of hair color to cover all the grey hairs that sprout in the teen years.

          A lifetime supply of cleaning supplies for all the messes we have to clean. 

·         A huge flashing sign (a neon sign would work) permanently fixed above your head that flashes "Clean your room, get off the computer, Stop hitting your sister, etc." so you don't have to repeat yourself so often and waste precious breathe. 

·         A cool title with a set of business cards to hand out for all the people that look at your with utter disgust (as if we were lazy or something—puh-lease!) because we answer the famous question of “What do you do (meaning your job)?” with “Oh, I’m a stay at home mom”.

·         Confetti and party hats because it truly is a daily celebration to have the honor and privilege to be entrusted by The Lord to raise children.  (After all, they belong to Him and are just on loan to me for a short time). 

my precious daughters 

me and my mommy

my amazing, dear mother-in-law.  We miss you MeMaw but know you are dancing with Jesus this Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Great list! I thought about recording something that would auto respond to situations where I have to repeat something. I really don't like to repeat myself. =p Happy Mother's Day!

dayebydaye said...

I love you thoughts (and can relate to many of them although I am at the beginning of this whole motherhood blessing!). Your blog jumped out to me because my name is Becky too. :) And as it turns out, I love Jesus and have a passion for prayer. Look forward to "following" you! Have a wonderful Mother's day!

One More Equals Four said...

I love it! I totally think you should add the salary that would go with each of the positions we held...which I saw estimated at $115,000/year!

Hope you have an amazing Mother's Day Weekend!


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