Friday, May 27, 2011


Seems the schedule has been wide-open recently.  Too much to cover so I thought I'd give a brief update of happenings.  Once my test is complete (see below) I hope to be back with regular posting.  Until then, here's what is happening in my neck of the woods:

  • Thinking Thinks, or at least singing them - Oh The Thinks you can Think has been playing in my mind the past two weeks (which is ironic because I can’t think of a THINK to blog about recently).    Our family has been speaking in rhyme most of the time (see…proof in point!)  as Jordyn performed in  Seussical the with CYT.  This was her final production with CYT.   She was an orange bird gal and the performance was fantastical.  

  • Cramming my life away (when I’d rather be dancing my life away) -  I have been busy trying to study, study and study some more as I prepare for my upcoming performance test  (sign language) next Friday (June 3rd).  I’d appreciate your prayers .  To say I am nervous would be an understatement.  I truly need The Lord’s SUPER to meet my natural for a supernatural result. (I'll keep you posted but it will be a few months before I know how I did.)

  • Taking in my daily dose of cuteness - Amanda has been sending me daily pictures of my little precious grand daughter (who is now walking!) Fingers are crossed that we may be able to see them sometime in June!!

Jaelynn hates her hair bows

  • Rejoicing that it is here!  The season has arrived.   The sun is hot, the garden is growing and that can only mean one thing.  Nope, I’m not referring to  bathing suit season (*insert major dread moment right here!*).  Not even referring to summer.  The season is here.  One of the most wonderful times of the year - ICE CREAM season.    Found an amazing new place in my area called Rita’s.  Yummy.  If you don’t have a Rita’s then try one of these bad boys.

  • Finding time to pee and unplugging some  I bet that got your attention!  I loved  Gypsy Mama’s recent  blog post  about her recent experience of being unplugged (off line) for almost two months.   Click here to read.  Helps keep everything in perspective.  Thanks Gypsy Mama!

Today I am linking up with my buddies over at Company Girl.  (I've missed you all but I have been praying for you and stalking your blogs each week.)

Have a great weekend! 

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Diane said...

I'll be praying for your test - I am confident that God will make your hands and arms fly through with both grace and precision.

Had to laugh at the ice cream comment, as I feel the same way. Nothing on earth tastes as good as the first custard cone of the year.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I've missed you but certainly understand and admire you for realizing that "blogging has it's place." :o)

Would love to see the Seussical Musical. Great photo and what fun!

I've always wanted to learn sign language. I love to watch folks doing it. Blessings to you as you undertake this task and I know you will bring glory to God through it.

Have a joy filled weekend and welcome back!

Kelly C said...

I'll be praying for you to have focus, discipline, strength, energy, and a good memory this week before your test? Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun show!

I hope you have been watching some Signing Time!! =p We are working on "My House" this week. Emily is addicted. It's the only thing she wants to watch. She'll pick it over Dora, or Little Einsteins, or most anything else. I will be praying for you!! I can't believe you won't find out the results for a few months!! The torture!

Hope you will see that darling girl soon. I think most little girls don't like having the bows in their hair. Luckily, my girls loved their hair bows because they really needed them with all the hair that they had. They didn't get it from me. I was a baldy.

We are still getting rain and winds over here in "sunny" California. =( Not sure when ice cream season will arrive, but we have it stocked in our freezer year-round anyhow. =)

Not much news on Andy. I think they are trying to live as "normal" as they can and not want to talk about the tumor too much. Andy is keeping a positive attitude through it so far. He will be halfway through his treatment this Tuesday. Thanks for remembering him in your prayers.

Have a wonderful week Becky!

Anonymous said...

Did I not comment on here last week? Hmm.. I thought I did. Anyhow, praying for you today!!! We are watching Baby Signing Time right now. =) Good luck!

Dissertation Writing said...

it certainly wasn’t difficult to be inspired after reading. I just adore your writing and your ice cream it's yummy.


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