Friday, December 09, 2011

Getting Hit in the Head - Day 8

Day 8 of Christmas Praise and Worship

My youngest girl has been under the weather this week.  Her constant coughing has taken its toll on her voice.  The timing (as with any sickness) is never welcome as- in addition to finals - she was facing a "one or die" audition Tuesday Night which involved singing.    I assured her I would be here at home praying fervently for her and encouraged her just go, do her best and leave the rest to The Lord. 

 "Lord, give her strength as she is weak" resonated over and over within me and became my prayer for her.  After a while of praying the same thing over and over, I felt (note the "I" emphasis) I should find "more verses" to pray (as if one wasn't enough I seemed to think more verses were needed).  Quickly becoming obsessed with the amount of verses  "I should" pray (again--note "I"),  I decided  ("I decided" as in I decided to stop listening to the leading of The Spirit) to randomly flip open my Bible to see what other verses I could find to pray.  One random open turned right to this page in my Bible:

I love when God just hits me in the head with a 2x4 when "I" decide to walk away from His Voice and do things "my" way.  I am also thankful for His mercy, grace and confirmations that put us back on the right track when we need it!  

(*update to the audition - she was called back twice this week but will not know more until later in the weekend.  Regardless of the result, our faith was increased as she sang with power in her voice and was not hoarse. )

Today I am joining my buddies over at Company Girl!

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Carey said...

It's wonderful to see God at work. Both in your daughter's life, and in your prayer time. Go God!

One More Equals Four said...

Wow! So neat to see (and recognize) God's faithfulness! Have a great weekend and hope everyone feels better soon!


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