Tuesday, December 06, 2011

God Winks - Day 5

Day 6 - Christmas Praise and Prayer

God Wink - when something happens that makes you smile in a way that only God can.  It seems as if He is looking right at you with a smile and a wink as if to say, "That little blessing is JUST for you! I love YOU!" *wink*.

Well, that's my definition.  Hopefully, you get the point.  

I totally love when I get a God wink.  God knows my heart and He knows exactly what and when I need some encouragement.  I am always thankful for each random "God wink". 

**Preface to my recent God wink:  My nickname for my grand daughter is Pepita.  (Here's why).  Pepita means little seed in Spanish.  Hold that thought.**

Last week I drove my daughter back to college.  My man had a wedding and was unable to make the road trip with me.  So, as they say I was "riding solo" which meant I would be traveling back home alone at night for a few hours.  I didn't mind but I must admit driving alone that far (at night) was a little out of my comfort zone. I asked a few of my dear prayer warrior buddies to pray and off I went on my adventure.

After delivering my girl to her dorm, nature decided to call so I made a quick stop at the College Bookstore before hitting the road back home.  While at the bookstore, I picked up a little snack for the road.  I decided on trail mix since it was a good source of protein.  I turned the bag over to read the ingredients (didn't want added sugar) and imagine my delight when I got a little "God Wink".

It was as if He was saying to me, "You'll be just fine on this trip home, Beck.  I'm with you. You know how much you love your little grand-baby, Pepita?  Well, I love you MORE than that. You are MY little seed!"

What God-winks are you thankful for?

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