Friday, December 30, 2011

I Stand Amazed

This past week has been one of celebration.  Our family traveled to visit our new grand-daughter, Little Miss Zoey.  Of course, love at first sight. 

 My heart about exploded with grand-ma love when I asked Miss Jaelynn if I could hold the baby and she shook her head "no".  After a while of coaxing, I held Zoey to which Jaelynn responded by putting her hands in the air and saying, "MiMi!".  She wanted my undivided attention.  Made my heart melt.

(Jae is not sure about Mimi holding the baby......)

I never knew two little girls could rock my world so much.

(Big sister and baby "WuWu" Jaelynn says Zoey)

Or that my heart could have enough love it in for ALL my girls!!

Also hard for my mother's heart to believe that my baby is 19.  Just yesterday she seemed as small as Zoey
Auntie Jo and Baby Zo

Tuesday was my birthday and while visiting with my girls on Monday night, Amanda and Jaelynn surprised me with a birthday cake, and of course, we had icecream! 

(Amanda doesn't even look or act like she just had a baby.   She even drove to the store two hours after being discharged from the hospital to get my cake!  She is Superwoman!  )

  Jaelynn helped me pick the frosting flowers off with her fingers.

Last year Jaelynn lived far away but sent me a picture for my birthday,  This year I was able to celebrate with them in person.

(Looks like Jaelynn is signing "thank you".  I can't take credit for that..I think she was being silly.)

It is simply amazing what can happen in a year.  So much can change.  Loved ones pass away and new ones are born.  Nothing is the same.  Yet, as I think back to all that happened in 2011, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  A dear friend and I were chatting on Facebook last night and she put it perfectly, "I cry all the way home--just thanking Jesus for his grace and all he saved me from, not just eternally, but in this life, because I don't deserve his salvation, yet, I have it! "

Here's to another year.  I pray my heart will be filled with gratitude for all He has done and all He will do.

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