Friday, December 23, 2011

Mama Walrus - Day 22

Day 22 of Christmas Praise and Celebration

Today we enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel with Pepaw Burton (my dear father-in-law).  I had not been to Cracker Barrel since last December when Jim and I went with PePaw and MeMaw Burton.   So much has changed since that visit to Cracker Barrel.  This is PePaw's first Christmas in 61 years without his "bride" (as he lovingly called her).  We had a great visit and recalled many memories of MeMaw.  She always ordered the Chicken-N-Dumplins from Cracker Barrel, so Jordyn kept the tradition alive and well and enjoyed the dumplin's.

I am so very thankful for the many years of memories our family made together.  One memory in particular that I have is super silly (or gross...depending on if you are high-faluting or not).   Tomorrow (December 24th),  is Memaw's birthday so I will share in her memory--I know she wouldn't mind.  

One thing MeMaw and I always enjoyed doing was eating.   She was a great cook but in her later years she was too sick to cook so she loved to eat out--and it was always her treat.    We would eat until our bellies were stuffed beyond stuffed and then we'd pile on dessert.    Memaw and I both have a little....uhh...habit...or uncontrollable response to our food at times.    You see, we both *burp* (okay...belch) very loudly.   It just happens.  No warning. Nothing--just a loud NOISE followed by embarrassment (or laughter depending on your company).   The first time I remember this happening, MeMaw went to say something and accidentally *burped* at a restaurant and it was so loud I immediately responded, "you sound like a walrus".  We both laughed until we almost wet ourselves.  So the phrase, "Mama Walrus" (for her) and Baby Walrus (for me) was termed. 

I am thankful for silly memories.  Happy Birthday a day early to Memaw aka Mama Walrus.

PePaw and MeMaw Burton Christmas 2010

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