Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Extreme Make-over

Awww! Okay, so let me endulge for a minute and say I have the most incredible, almost 15 year old (she's counting the days) daughter ever!!! My very own "Jordy B", gave my old Blog an overhaul. Isn't it too cute! This picture couldn't describe me better...always ready for some cake (and ice cream of course!). If you like the blog and want Jordy B to make on for you, too, just leave me a comment.

Oh, let me include a pic of my precious girl:

And, for those of you who do not know me very well, the reason why Jordyn incorporated a cake on her "moms" blog is below (chocolate, of course!)


Jordyn said...

Haha glad you like your new "makeover".. Hopefully I'll have mine up soon.

Jordyn said...

Did you mean to send me 2 comments? :) They were pretty much the same but different wording. I published only one though. hehe.

Sarah Burton said...

Ahhhh chocolatova! And below...I don't even know Scotty, and I weep at his departure. That is a moving pic. May have to become the new background. Love you! Missed you this morning!


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