Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Oh, my! How do I exist in this world??? Where have I been?? That is the very question my 15 year old asked me today when I heard her use the word "uber". So many important things to learn and just not enough time. Well, interestingly enough it turns out that it is a word (don't take my word for it...check Merriam- Webster)and it means "good to the extreme".

I sat down with my afternoon cup of coffee and checked one of my favorite blogs (Beth Moore, of course) to find yet another word I was unfamiliar with! Spittle?? My brain hurts from the increase of wrinkles today! ha ha Be sure to take a peek at Beth's blog for more information...she explains "spittle" better than I.

I am off to buy a dictionary! Hope your day is an "uber" one!?

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