Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girl-ness (blue string bracelets and all!!!)

I am so glad I was born a girl!! (read on for more)

We had a great Friday Night Live spring kick-off this week! Though it was a rainy, dreary cold night, many came out quite enthused for the upcoming studies. One for men and one for women.

The women kicked-off Beth Moore's Believing God study ( my blue bracelet on my right arm!) while the men are studying about getting "Wild at Heart".

I was still giggling to myself this morning as I think of the differences in the men and women. For example, Friday Night...the women's room was "a buzz" with chatter as we all arrived, excited to get a fresh workbook. Of course we had snacks! Hot chocolate (someone even brought marshmallows), hot cider, candy kisses (purple of course) and grapes for the healthy ones among us. It cracked me up as the men walked passed our room to their, empty, non-snack filled room. After about 5 minutes I guess some of the men were feeling a little "left out" so they journeyed back to the women's room to steal some food.

Finally it was time to watch our you know how hard it is to quiet a room full of women to start a DVD? Definitely a ministry challenge. Anyway, I have to wonder if the men, at the end of their study stood to their feet to practice a 5 finger pledge, half crying, half laughing...then ended Beth Moore's lecture DVD with an outburst of "Yeah"'s and clapping??? Doubt it. (Maybe they all grunted together).

I think one of my favorite parts of the night was when one of our most well dressed, "has it all together" women (You know the one that everyone wants to be like??), figured out she had to actually wear the blue string on her wrist for 9 more weeks!! I have never seen a head bob back and forth with such attitude. ha ha We all knew she was thinking about "fashion" and that blue doesn't necessarily match every outfit. I love you CR!

This morning was fun as all the women were doing our "wrist" checks today to see if all had their blue string bracelets on...and sure enough we all did! (including the one that protested the loudest). Go CCF gals! As I said Friday Night, the string isn't a Yurman..but it is a Burton. A Becky Burton original.

Yesterday was another fun time to be a girl. Several of us stayed after a ministry event and played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on Wii and squealed with excitement as we jumped up and down and clapped after someone scored a "D" (that's good if you knew how old we were!). I am hurtin' today though!

Well, here's to girl-ness, blue string bracelets, kisses and DDR!

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