Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flip That House...Whose house? MY HOUSE!

So, I've been to the beach, yet again. I was able to go to Myrtle Beach for a week with my mom, dad, Ryan and Jordyn. We had a great time (pics at the end of this post) though I missed Jim very, very much (he was unable to go with us!). I have been home for a week now and I would have blogged sooner...but when I returned from vacation I had the surprise of my life awaiting me!!! My house got a partial flip! (Yes, you read that correctly....if you know The Burtons..we don't do home improvements. giggle)

We have lived in this house for 15+ years and for 12 years, I have prayed for new carpet. We have never really had the extra moola in our budget to make any household improvements, especially new carpet. But, oh, the power of prayer....while I was at the beach, someone told Jim they were going to bless us with new carpet!! (The Lord is good, isn't He??). The carpet was scheduled to arrive while I was out of town and so Jim decided he was going to paint the paneling in our den as a HUGE surprise for me. (My man hates...and I mean HATES to paint!). Jim knew that I have wanted to paint the den for 15+ years too. I know this was a complete labor of love on Jim's part!! Bless his heart...4 coats of paint later, the den is white and bright! No more 70's paneling over here. :)

All I can say is "Praise The Lord" and my house looks sooo beautiful!!! Thank you to those who blessed Jim and I with this amazing gift of new carpet. You will never know how grateful we are for this amazing gift. :)

Check out Jim's Blog for his take on the "flip"!


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