Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ramblings from a MiMi 2 B

Don't you just LOVE your girlfriends? You know those of which I speak. Precious, Christian gals who are always there for you! I love my friends and am so thankful for each of them. You know the ones who pass you a mirror during Sunday School (because a little boogie is showing). Those that let you VV (verbally vomit) on them. Those that won't hesitate to tell you if your butt looks too big in your favorite pair of pants. Those that cry with you and laugh with you. Dance with you and eat ice cream!! Those that pray for you and with you. Those that remind you...that you haven't updated your blog to the fact you are going to be a Mimi. (Thanks April!) Yep--I'm going to be a grand....--uh, I mean-- I'm going to be a Mimi!!! (I am just not ready to embrace "grandma", "granny", or even "Nanny" but I am embracing the "Mimi" thing.) Amanda and her hubby, Josh are due at the end of April. She had her check-up last week and all is well. Heartbeat is strong. Hopefully next month we will find out if it is a boy or girl.

My oldest daughter, Amanda and her hubby, Josh, came to visit a few weekends ago. Here are some pictures:

My two beautiful girls

I couldn't resist squeezing Amanda's cheeks---like old times!!

Jim and our son-in-law Josh! Thank you Josh for serving our country in the US Army!!

Me, Jim, Amanda and JoJo at church

Amanda (my baby is having a baby!!) and Josh

Jordyn went to Liberty University's College for a Weekend. I missed her like mad!! She had a blast. She came home with gifts for her 'rents. She picked VERY appropriate gifts for us!

A polka dot coffee mug for me...and a perfect shirt for Jim!!
(Jim's shirt says : Liberty University--politically incorrect since 1971)

One last piece of randomness for this post. Jordyn told us about what Chris had put on Twitter recently. After reading his Tweets, I must say, I couldn't agree with him more. I will leave you with his thoughts. (Please note, I have intentionally left out the church name and replaced with ****** instead). Here is a snippet of his recent Tweet:

*******(church name) is spending 130 mil on a new building. They're calling it a spiritual oasis in downtown Dallas.Let me first say that they made it public so my following criticism is not gossip or neither meant to be judgemental...though it may be. To put it in perspective: $130mil would sponsor 307k kids through Compassion International. It could give 6450 homeless ppl a $20k job. Instead $130mil is being spent on buildings that will crumble within 100 years. That to me is painfully wasteful and naïve. It's naive to believe that an unbelieving world cares about how large or nice a church building is. A non believer cares nothing for what a building looks seems they care for what's in the hearts of the believers that fill the building. The complaints I hear from non-believers about Christianity isn't that our buildings aren't nice enough. It's that we aren't loving enough. It's that we spend ungodly amounts of money on shiny new buildings and shiny new cars for our 6 figure mega pastors. . Buildings aren't wrong. Gosh paying a pastor 6 figures isn't either. But when those things interfere with being able to do what God.has CLEARLY called us to do it becomes wrong. And let's just be honest: $130mil in buildings IS going to detract from God's commands

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