Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a "glance" - This is how we Christmas 2009

I am joining the Christmas fun with some Minister's Wives over at Lisa's blog! This week is "show us your Christmas decorations". I am far from an interior decorator but I do love Christmas. So I thought I'd play along and share a "glance" at few of my favorite things:

Took this shot tonight! Happy Hannakuah! I am not Jewish, but I love Jesus Messiah with all my heart! (Here is my post from last year about my menorah ). From my kitchen I can "glance" and see my menorah, Christmas poinsetta and Christmas Tree in one look. That makes me smile. Besides--smiling is my favorite.

This is my favorite 'glance' in my living room. Old and new. Antiques and Zebra. I am especially fond of the nativity manger scene on the school desk in this picture. This nativity was one of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas. My mom displayed this in our living room when I was growing-up.

This is a close-up view of my manger.

A 'glance' at one of my favorite ornaments. My husband and I have had a good "healthy" debate for 20 years about whether the reindeer's name is Donder or Donner. I say the original poem named the reindeer Donder. My sister-in-law found this ornament and gave it to me years ago. I proudly display this Donder ornament on the front of my tree EVERY year. Just a simple reminder that I am right. hee hee (I love you Jim!!)

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patty said...

I love your sweet little nativity. I also have one that we displayed in our home when I was little. It is one of my most prized possessions. Congrats on the new little girl!! Merry Christmas!


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