Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow MUCH fun - Part 2

 The Burtons have had SNOW so much fun this weekend.  Jordyn had never had snow cream in her short life time, so we indulged last night:

(The Pioneer Woman ain't got nothing on us....well, okay, maybe she does!)

Ingredients (snow, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla)


 Watch out Maggie Moos JoJo made some mean snow cream!

This morning I was chompin' at the bit.   The kid in me just had get outside and play!  I am the only snow-lover in my family so I went outside alone to have some fun.   Here is my attempt at my snowman blob.

I think Jim felt sorry for me and did the one of the sweetest, sacrifical acts of love I could imagine.  Before I show you the pictures, let me tell you that my man hates cold weather and really, really dislikes SNOW.  With that said:

drum roll please

Jim built me a snowman. :)

Here he is suffering for me. 

 Tilli swimming through the snow

Jordyn finding out her Humanities class has been canceled tomorrow.  (Poor unsocialized, homeschool kid!)

I heart my snowman.  Made with love.

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