Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Girl is Back in Town!

My oldest baby girl made it back home today!   I had not seen her in 5 months and boy was it good to see her (and her big 'ol belly!!).  I had a fun afternoon of hangin' with my girls.  

The best thing about RIA.  I do believe this is my all time favorite!

Yes, those are tears (of sheer joy) streaming down my face!!!  

Jim tried to sneak-up behind her and scare her--thankfully she saw him.  I was worried she'd go into labor. lol

Amanda's "pepto bismol" colored suit case.  I was quite fascinated with the color.

JoJo welcoming her big sissy back home!

My view from the back seat.  Jordyn driving Amanda and her mom around town.  Wow....time flies--they grow up way too fast!!!

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