Thursday, March 04, 2010

Praising Jesus in PJ's

I woke up feeling excitement in the air!  I have two days until I pick-up my Amanda at the airport. I have not seen her in 5 months.  Her little pregnant belly is getting HUGE!  We are having her baby shower this weekend so I will be sure to post some pictures of my baby with her baby (bump).  And to think I wanted a puppy and not a grandbaby. Silly 'ol me. (I still want a puppy).

Other things I am super excited about:
  • Here and now, Then and There - So psyched about starting Beth Moore's new Bible Study on Revelation tomorrow night at church.  Seriously, what better way to spend Friday nights in the spring than studying end times/Revelation with 30 of your favorite gals.  (and with some chocolate, of course!!)

  • Praising in our P.J.'s - Last weekend our women's ministry had a P.J. Party. We wore our PJ's and praised Jesus.  We started with a time of sharing all He has done for us by doing cardboard testimonies (click here if you do not know what card board testimonies are).    We also celebrated with a Praise Jesus cake

We placed candles on the cake for every "praise" we could think of.  It started slowly (women can be shy at times) but eventually women couldn't contain their praise.  We were trying to out rush one another to the cake.   I thought for a minute we might have a mini-praise brawl on our hands.  Lol!  It was all good.

We ran out of candles way before we ran out of praises. (good thing, we might have burned down Denise's house).  We turned off the lights in the room, lit the candles and let our "praises" illuminate the room.  Very powerful moment:

Few more pics from the PJ party:

(we CCF gals love us some coffee!)

(some of our CCF girls representin' at the PJ party)

  • R.I.P. Mr. Fi-pod (Fi-pod =Beckism for fake ipod).  So Miss Jordyn bought herself a new Ipod yesterday and our family did a little "shuffle" (pun intended--get it, Ipod shuffle?). She is so generous to give us her hand-me downs.  I will now be jamming to a real-ipod and not my old Fi-pod. Not sure why this excites me so much---but it does!  (Maybe I"m just a wee bit giddy today since Amanda is coming home.)

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