Thursday, May 27, 2010

A hip hop to the hippity

Random happenings from the recent life of Beck:  

  • Here is a picture of baby Jaelynn from Amanda's cell phone.  Jaelynn is six weeks old!  Amanda and baby will be coming to visit for a few months this summer.  I simply CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  • Look out world, Jordy B is graduating in two weeks!!  Jordyn received her cap and gown yesterday and I am so weepy.  sigh.  So, after 12 years of home schooling I can honestly say,  if I can home school, ANYone can do it!!   

(I believe she is thinking, " mamma learned me at home!" ---personal joke between us!)

  • I put a fresh coat of paint on my old outside glider this week.  I almost threw it away but decided to keep it one more year (it is a hand-me down from my parents).  I decided to cover the old, faded white paint with a nice, bright red.  While painting, I found myself singing some of the old "blood" hymns I knew from years ago.  (What can wash away my sin?  nothing but the blood of Jesus!!!!)   After my paint job was complete, I went inside to 'wash up', when I glanced at my hand.  It was a God wink and a wordless picture to me about what one drop of Jesus' blood means to all and how much He LOVES us:

  • As you know we've gone to the dogs.  My new little puppy ZuZu is 13 weeks old.  Tilli is still very unsure about ZuZu and continues to make her Alpha-dog presence known on a daily hourly basis through snarled lips and assertive growls (assertive growls...whao...very scary coming from a 4 pound dog!  I mean seriously!! It is great comic relief.)  This week we are seeing progress.  Small steps in the journey of the two dog becoming "BFFs".   Actually I think we are making microscopic steps (since microscopic means- objects smaller than those that can easily be seen by the naked eye and which require a lens or microscope to see them clearly).  Here is a testimony to the power of prayer in my house:  

  • Summer time,  It can only mean one thing to me.  Ice cream and LOTS of it!!!  The sound of the ice cream truck in the neighborhood leaves me giddy.  I had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people "elf friends" recently.  

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