Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too......

This past weekend The Burton Fam put on our best "Sunday-go-to-meeting" clothes and went to our friend's wedding.  Amanda and my brother were both in the wedding and my man officiated.   Like many women, I love, love, love weddings.  They always make me cry.  After this weekend, I believe my grand-daughter shares my wedding emotions too.

During the wedding, I was left on "grandma" duty to take care of baby Jaelynn during the ceremony.  After 2 months of having a baby in the house, I have finally figured out that Jaelynn's fussy time starts at 6:30 pm. on the dot!  Guess what time the wedding began?  yep!  6:30 pm--on the dot!!  The wedding was a beautiful, outside ceremony but how would I know that?  I missed the entire ceremony as I was running to a far off spot in the near-by woods for Miss Fussy Pants to scream!  

Here she is as happy as can be at 6:25pm

Here she is planning her scheme of disruption at 6:28

Luckily, we took some pre-ceremony pictures:

Mimi, Jaelynn and Aunt Holly

Jaelynn and her mommy

Lady J.J. sporting her pink pumps and posing with her daddy

Jordyn captured this funny picture (below) in which she titled "Where's The Cake?"  I was a tad "frazzled" (to say the least) and in desperate need of a piece of wedding cake.  check out Jaelynn in the back of the picture.  She was crashed--but what do you expect after 3 hours of crying?  

And, yes, I did get a piece of cake.  Here is the "after cake" picture!  

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