Monday, September 20, 2010

Natural and Organic Decorations

I don't decorate for fall or Halloween.  To be honest, I have not done so since my girls were very little.  While it is nice for some, it is just not something I do.   The other day I was riding down the road noticing all the homes that had been decorated for fall/Halloween.  I wondered at that moment if I am the ONLY woman in my neighborhood that does not decorate for this occasion.  For a moment I almost allowed myself to get beat up by this--even thinking I was a bad mother/wife for not decorating the arrival of autumn to help add warmth to my home for my family....etc. etc.   (Of course, I know I fully redeem myself in my family's eyes by decorating six weeks early for Christmas.)  My thoughts almost landed in a frazzled state of mind and almost had me at my local Michaels buying some fake pumpkins and fall leaves.  Thankfully, my urge to "keep up with the Joneses" soon passed.  

This morning I was greeted with what I will call a "God Wink".  I absolutely had to laugh.  What others may see as down right gross, I saw as God showing off HIS amazing decorating skills on my front porch.  Obviously my non-domesticated, non-decorating ways do not catch Him by surprise.    It appears that my house IS decorated for fall and it gets decorated each year in a very natural and organic way: 


(Does this count as "going green" in the decorations area??)

On Saturday I had the great honor of sharing with a great group of women from Smyrna BC.  It was great fun and I am thankful for the opportunity to share what the Lord had put on my heart.  It seems that God was already working on my "God wink" Saturday when the ladies gave me beautiful fall mum for my porch.   Once again The Lord provided.  Why do I worry about the small stuff (or the big stuff)?  He is always faithful in ALL areas.  

Becky and Monica (Women's Leader at Smyrna BC)

The great group of WOG's (Women of God) from Smyrna.  

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