Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"I Do" 20 years later

Twenty years ago today I married the man of my dreams.  He is simply amazing and most definitely an answer to my prayers.  

Jim and I met at church in the singles group at a local church.  I was a single mom and my prayer to God was to send me a godly man that would not only love me but that would love my little blonde haired daughter too.  The Lord had the perfect man for the “job”.  

We dated four months.  I knew he was the one.  He proposed to me with a rock on the rocks at Myrtle Beach.  Two months later, on September 14, 1990 we were married.  

Since that day Jim has loved me like crazy.   I know that I am second to no one except Jesus and I am thankful for this fact.   Twenty years has gone fast but at times it seems like we have been married forever.  

We have both rocked some crazy hair styles and had our fair share of adventures (yes, even a few disagreements along the way). 

We have shared in plenty and in lack.  Health and sickness.  Joy and heart break.  Peace and chaos.  Thick and thin (I'm not talking waistlines).   

 Life has taken us places we never dreamed we would go, but through it all we have fixed our eyes on Jesus and He has carried us through it all.  

 What is our special secret to our twenty years of bliss?

Looking back I would answer that question with three keys: (1) making The Lord our main focus-- individually and together, (2) prayer (and lots of it!) and (3) intentional daily communication about any and EVERYthing. 

I can say I don’t love Jim like I did twenty years ago.  I love him more.  I love him deeper.  I will love him as long as I have breath.   

He is my best friend.  My BFF.

I want to grow old with him.  
Here's to 20 more!!!!

Happy Anniversary Jim.  I love you.  I'm yours!

I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 6:3

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Vicki said...

Made me tear up. I sure do miss you guys. Love you lots. Thanks for being an example in all circumstances.


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