Thursday, November 18, 2010

Butt...I "heart" you!!

When I walked into the bathroom this morning I glanced down and found this in the floor:

Today, I am thankful for the red confetti heart.   

Red confetti hearts have a history in the Burton home.   It started on our honeymoon.  When Jim and I arrived at our hotel, we opened our suitcases only to find a zillion little red confetti hearts spewing out everywhere.   We later learned that Jim’s mom was the heart sprinkling culprit.   We found red confetti hearts randomly around our house for the first year of marriage thanks to MeMaw Burton.  

On our first anniversary, I thought it only appropriate to repeat the heart sprinkling.  Not wanting them in my house to make a mess I trashed Jim’s car with red hearts the night before our anniversary. The next morning, much to his surprise-he was greeted with confetti hearts in his car.   Despite my effort to keep the mess out of the house, the hearts found their way back into our home and history repeated itself.  We found random red hearts through the house (and car) for the next year.  We also moved that year and we even found red hearts in our NEW home!

Each year on our anniversary I keep the heart tradition alive.  It has become very comical to find little hearts show-up in  very unexpected places (curious minds want to know so keep reading).  

There is a word of caution here.  In September, we celebrated our 20th anniversary.  Being on a tight budget we decided not to celebrate, in addition to the fact we had to attend a funeral that day.  However, I was determined the heart sprinkling tradition was going to continue!!

The morning of our anniversary I hurried outside and started sprinkling hearts in the car.  A bit later as we were leaving for the funeral, Jim was delighted to find the “surprise” waiting for him in the driver's seat of our car.  He thought I had forgotten.   

Here is the warning part:  Red hearts CLING.   As we were walking into the church for the funeral, Jim was walking in front of me.  I glanced up to find a red heart stuck to his……....his  le derrière  I was mortified.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  If I reached to “wipe it off”, people would think I was grabbing his butt and that would most certainly be inappropriate  behavior for a Pastor's wife (at least in public).  So—with no time to think, not sure what a girl should do, I made a hasty decision.  I decided to let the heart stay right where it was!!!  (I "heart" my man so much. *smile*)

I want to encourage you to share the red heart confetti tradition at your home too.  You never know where they will show-up.   (Just remember—you have been warned.)

3 comments: said...

haha, the butt heart story is hilarious

Lea said...

I've had such fun browsing around your blog. And, I love the red heart confetti. How cute! Your family is precious and I've always held a special place in my heart for Ministers and their families. My Dad is a retired Minister and I grew up a PK and always felt very special because of that.

Blessings to you and do drop by when you have a few minutes.

Diane said...

Oh my. I am hoping your hubby didn't have to walk up on the platform to speak?! What a fun tradition! Happy anniversary - and here's to many, many more!


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