Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Live

I am thankful for the Friday night ministry at our church.  We simply call it "Friday Night Live".  And alive it is!  We are in our third year of doing Friday Night Live (FNL) each week.  We started FNL as the catalyst for our Christian Recovery Ministry.  Our desire was to give people an alternative on Friday nights instead of going "out" to bars, etc.  FNL has evolved from the first session and we have various classes offered each session/semester: (i.e., Women's Bible Studies, Beth Moore Studies, Sign Language Class, Men's Studies, etc.).  What an amazing thing to see families come out on Friday nights seeking The Lord and eager to learn more about Jesus and eager to fellowship with one another. Simply Amazing.   Tonight we finished our Fall 2010 session of FNL and concluded a 10 week "Crazy Love" Bible Study Challenge.  It was life changing.    I am looking forward to seeing what The Lord has in store for our FNL for the 2011 Winter session!!!

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