Sunday, November 07, 2010

I've Got Friends Who Do

I am thankful for my church family.  

 I am getting ready to throw on some jeans and a blazer and go worship beside some amazing people.  All who have an incredible story to share (and they are not afraid or embarrassed to tell their story).  People who love you for who you are and will not judge you for what you have or do not have.  Real people that gather to worship Jesus each week.  People eager to study the Word, help the poor, take a meal to a family in need, pray for a the sick or simply just sit and cry with you.  People from all walks of life.  Those recovering from addictions, people that have been in prison, single moms, heartbroken parents, families trying to navigate their way through life.  People who struggle but get back up and keep on running the race toward the prize.  People like me and people like you.  All who are in the need of the grace of the Lord.

This song always reminds me of my friends and the amazing people at CCF.  I am thankful for them.

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