Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A bunch of Words

This time of year brings out the "crafty" in me.  Not sure why but I just like to make things.  If you know me, then you realize that fact (me making things) is indeed another Christmas Miracle!!

I recently found a neat (and free) website that I wanted to share.  Check out Wordle   

I made these neat little name tags using Wordle:

Just type in a bunch of words (names, adjectives to describe the name, etc). and it makes a "Wordle" word cloud for you. Then you decide how to use your word cloud.   It is "simple", free and easy!!

I added the name tags to a box of my Christmas favorites:

One of the finished projects:

Just a small side note:  I do not receive any monetary payment for advertising any products on my website.  I do it because---well---because, um... I just do!  I like sharing some of my favorite things with others.  Sorta like show-n-tell.  However, with that said -if anyone from any of the companies see my Blog and you want to send me money for advertising their products then feel free to do so!)

Speaking of advertising, how about this little piece of cuteness:

Lastly, if you like the create things/crafts then be sure to check out this fantastic site:  U-createcrafts

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