Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tada! Tuesday

Last week I mentioned doing an upcoming giveaway and today is that day.  

A few weeks ago, I ran across a book at the store and decided to flip through the pages.  (I am not a fan of all these e-books.  I am still old-school and love a good ol' fashion book that I can mark in, write in and highlight.) Each page I flipped to really ministered to me, so I bought the book.  I've been devouring it  since.  I even invited my book on a date Friday night to Chipotle (before rumors start to fly, my man was invited first but he had an appointment and couldn't go.)

me and my book on a date

This book is one of my all time favorites (ever!)  The Lord has used this book to really speak to me the past few weeks.  I think you will really enjoy this book too, therefore, I want to bless someone and give away a copy. 

The book I am talking about is "Do You Know Who I Am? (and other brave questions women ask)"  Tada!!!

This is the first Angela Thomas book I have read and she rocks!  (My friend Jennifer tried to get me to read her books years ago but I guess I'm just a slow learner.  Thank for nudging me Jennifer!!  You were right!)

Here are a few chapter titles:

  • Do You Know I am Afraid to Dream Big? (He is Worthy)
  • Do You Know I am Trembling Inside? (He is My Comfort)
  • Do You Know I am Worn Out?  (He Does Not Grow Weary)
  • Do  You Know I am Disappointed?  (He is my Hope)

This is just a snippet of topics.  If you want to win your own copy, just leave me a comment (that's all you have to do is leave a comment....no hooking up on Twitter, jumping through hoops, signing away your first born--nothing more, just a comment--see I really am old school!!!)   I will announce the winner over the weekend.  

I can't resist leaving you with a picture of my little Valentine and precious grand-daughter.

***Just a neat update!  I just received an email from blogger friend, Heather over at A Place of Quiet Rest that I won her give-away from last week.  I'm so excited...I've never won a thing in my life!  Yippee!!***

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Lezlie said...

Hey Becky. I have seen Angela at an e-Women's conference but I've never read any of her books. Sounds like a good one.

Jennifer Hasty said...

I am leaving a comment: "A Comment!" heehee. Love you, Mrs. Burton!. Did you see that Angela gave a shout-out to you on Facebook! ~Jennifer (PS: I'm not the only one that reads this, am I?) : )

Lea said...

I love my Kindle, but I still love the "real" books too and this one looks like a very good read. Thanks for stopping by and bountiful blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good book ... pick my name out of the hat lol

Melissa Hetzler

Wendy said...

Hi Becky! I am a book lover...to say the least...but I havent read anything by her...Sounds like an awesome book...Sooo...I, too, am "leaving a comment"...lol...Maybe I'll win...

Darlene said...

Darlene Simmons

Kim said...

I love reading books on my e-reader or the old fashioned way!

Thanks for the great blogs shared here, Becky! Have a great and blessed Friday! I am truly loving this gorgeous springlike weather that the Lord has blessed us with today!

Kim C. Salopek

Anonymous said...

Pamela Townsend


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