Sunday, December 04, 2011

Church Lady - Day 3

Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people.

Day 3 of Christmas Praise and Celebration finds me full of gratitude for Church.  Not a particular church. Not a building.  Not a denomination.  The Church.  The Body of Christ.  Christians.   The collective church that is made up of many people worldwide with many backgrounds from various denominations.  That Church. 
Photo credit:  Kathryn Fincher "Here's the Church.."

This morning, I had the honor to visit the church where I received my Christian foundation for many years.  The church where I met my husband and the one both of my daughters grew-up in and attended every week--everytime the door was open.   I was invitied to interpret for the Deaf at the early service of my former church and  I was excited to be able to return to serve.   When I arrived I was bombarded with love and hugs.  It was such a blessing to see precious brothers and sisters I had not seen in quite a while.   Many of those precious people spent years investing in me and my husband in teaching us and demonstrating Godly lifestyles for us in our early years of our Christian walk.  Needless to say, it was a fantastic reunion this morning. 

After the service as I was walking across the parking lot to my car,  I couldn't help but to think how amazing heaven will be.  When all Believers will be together and re-united.  All denominational barriers will be gone and we will be in unity worshiping Christ together.  With that thought, I proceeded to drive to my current church--the one my husband pastors.  The one where I found many more big 'ol hugs awaiting me from even more precious Christian people.

I experienced two very different worship services this morning in two different locations.   The common denominator that I experienced was the love of Jesus at both places.   Though differing in many ways, both are part of the Church universal.  Oh, the anticipation as I think of how many more Christians gathered together this morning in churches through out the world.  All that make up the body of Christ. The Church.  What a day of rejoicing it will be when we all see Jesus (as the song says) and we are united together around the Throne. 

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